Door of Hope Volunteer

In life, nothing challenges me as much as meeting the women on the streets. We’re there to be and give but, whether we like it or not, we receive so much more

Door of Hope Volunteer

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If you're interested in volunteering with Door of Hope, you can contact us here. Read our volunteer stories below for more information on what it's like to be involved with our project.

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Anna, volunteer since 2016

'I love volunteering with Door of Hope. Going out and encountering the women is always a wonderful experience. Showing light and love in an environment that is otherwise so hostile, I truly believes makes a difference.

I have loved getting to know the women by name and hearing little bits about them. Seeing just one of them makes the early morning or late night so worth while. I look forward to building on these relationships further as time goes on. I learn and gain so much from knowing them, it is definitely a two way thing! 

Being part of a team of women passion about helping other women is a unique and precious experience and something I treasure.'

Anna came to us with a shortly after moving to London, have previously spent a year volunteering with the homeless in Leeds. In addition to outreach, Anna also uses her professional skills in digital marketing to support and strengthen Beyond the Streets communications. Anna brings much optimism and enthusiasm to our team, much appreciated by all during early morning outreach!

Alice, volunteer since 2013

I really love volunteering with Door of Hope! Despite the rain and cold I would give up almost anything to walk around the streets getting a chance to meet the women. It is such a unique opportunity to show them that they are valuable and loved. When giving out Valentines gifts recently one woman said "You guys are actually nice to us - you don't treat us like scum and it means a lot". 

Being a consistent presence on the streets for the women's safety, to listen and often be a shoulder to cry on is the most wonderful thing I could do with my evening. I also get the amazing opportunity to do 1:1 work with one of Door of Hope’s daytime clients, and the relationship I'm building with her is helping her to make some really significant and life transformational steps regarding employment, breaking free of addictions and going on a spiritual journey.

Alice has a BA in Youth and Community Work with Applied Theology and is currently the Manager of Kahaila, a thriving community café on Brick Lane. She has previous experience working with women in Bangkok, and has a deep commitment and heart for this ministry.

Sarah, volunteer since 2011

I love being a Door of Hope volunteer.  The women we meet are so precious and it is a huge privilege to say that with words or practical action through friendship, conversation or accompaniment in challenging and vulnerable life situations.

The women often express to us rejection by those closest to them and by the world.  How precious then is their openness to us, their pleasure at chatting and receiving the support we bring with each outreach.  I have discovered that a brief exchange in the pouring rain at 12am is invaluable to engage and encourage, and foundational in offering support in challenging lives or to explore opportunities and a future off the streets. 

As a volunteer with Door of Hope it is heartbreaking to come alongside women who often express such alienation and embody brokenness and worldly separation.  Imagine then the privilege and excitement of reaching out with hope and life, conversation by conversation! The fruit born in the lives of these women may or may not be significant in human terms, but to us each interaction is significant.

Sarah is a mother of two young children and has a BA and Mdev in Development with Economics and Development Finance. Experienced in community-based development she has worked in ministry with women and children in Bangkok, Mozambique and South Africa.